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6 important features of High reliability PCB.

Jun 14, 2018

At first glance, PCBs are similar on the surface regardless of their internal quality. It is through the surface that we see the difference, and these differences are critical to the durability and functionality of the PCB throughout its life.


1 25 micron hole wall copper thickness


Benefits: Increased reliability, including improved z-axis expansion resistance.


Risks of not doing so: blow-through or outgassing, electrical connectivity problems during assembly (internal separation, wall fracture), or failure under load conditions in actual use. IPCClass2 (standards used in most factories) specifies 20% less copper plating.


2:No welding repair or open circuit repair


Benefits: Perfect circuit ensures reliability and safety, no maintenance, no risk


The risk of not doing this: If it is not repaired properly, it will cause the circuit board to open circuit. Even if the repair is done properly, there is a risk of failure under load conditions (vibration, etc.), which may cause malfunction in actual use.


3: Beyond the cleanliness requirements of the IPC specification


Benefits: Increased PCB cleanliness can increase reliability.


The risk of not doing so: Residues on the board, solder buildups pose risks to the solder mask, ion residues can cause corrosion and contamination risks on the solder surface, which may cause reliability issues (bad solder joints/electrical faults), and Ultimately increase the probability of actual failure.


4:strictly control the service life of each surface treatment


Benefits: Solderability, reliability, and reduced risk of moisture intrusion.


The risk of not doing this is that due to metallographic changes in the surface treatment of old circuit boards, soldering problems may occur, and moisture intrusion may lead to delamination, inner layer and hole walls during assembly and/or actual use. Problems such as separation (breaking).


5. Use Internationally Known Substrates - Do Not Use "Local" or Unknown Brands


Benefits: Increased reliability and known performance.


Risks of not doing so: Poor mechanical performance means that the board cannot perform as expected under assembly conditions. For example, higher swell performance can cause delamination, open circuit, and warpage problems. Diminishing the electrical characteristics can result in poor impedance performance.


6: CCL tolerance meets IPC4101ClassB/L requirements


Benefits: Strict control of dielectric layer thickness can reduce the expected deviation of electrical performance.


Risk of not doing so: electrical performance may not meet regulatory requirements, and the same batch of components may have large differences in output/performance.


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