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Changes in the printed circuit board industry and major product application areas

May 29, 2018

1. Main application areas

Printed circuit boards are widely used in many fields such as consumer electronics, communications equipment, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, medical electronics, smart security, clean energy, aerospace and military products, and are indispensable electronic elements in modern electronic information products. The level of development of the device and printed circuit board industry can to a certain extent reflect the development speed and technical level of a country or region's electronic industry.

In recent years, with the development of industries such as the downstream electronic information industry and the automotive industry, the demand for various electronic products has increased significantly, further widening the space for the development of the printed circuit board manufacturing industry.

2. Industry profit trends and causes of change

The profit level of printed circuit board manufacturing companies mainly depends on changes in the upstream and downstream sectors. In general, enterprises with lower technological level and smaller production scale, such as single/double-panel manufacturing companies, have relatively low technical barriers, fierce price competition, and relatively weak ability to pass on costs; they have technological and scale advantages. The companies are more cost-shifting, especially for high-end product manufacturers such as HDI boards, flexible circuit boards, rigid-flex boards, and special substrate boards, due to their large capital investment and high technical barriers. The number of new entrants and the speed of entry are limited, and the gross margin of products is relatively high.

3. Global Printed Circuit Board Industry Development

At present, the development of the global PCB industry has formed major production centers in mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia, among which the Asian region (including China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia) accounts for global printing. The proportion of the total output value of the circuit board is close to 90%. Mainland China has become the world's most important PCB production base due to its advantages in industrial distribution and manufacturing costs. In 2013, the output value of printed circuit boards in Mainland China accounted for over 40% of the global total output value. Simply summarized as:

(1) The global printed circuit board industry will enter a steady growth period;

(2) The capacity of the global PCB industry is further concentrated in Asia, and China's output value is the largest in the world.

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