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Definition and description of each layer of PCB

Jul 16, 2018


Designed for top layer copper foil wire.If it is a single panel, there is no such layer.

2. BOMTTOM LAYER (bottom wiring LAYER) :

Designed for the bottom copper foil wire.

3. TOP/BOTTOM SOLDER (TOP/BOTTOM resistance welding green oil layer) :

Top/bottom layer shall be installed with resistance welding green oil to prevent tin from copper foil and keep insulation.Stop welding green oil window at the welding disc, through hole and non-electric wire running of this layer.

In the design, the welding disc will open the window by default (OVERRIDE: 0.1016mm), i.e., the exposed copper foil of the welding disc will be expanded by 0.1016mm, and tin will be added during wave peak welding.It is recommended not to make design changes to ensure weldability.

Through hole in the design will open the window by default (OVERRIDE: 0.1016mm), that is, through hole exposed copper foil, external expansion 0.1016mm, wave soldering when tin.If the design is designed to prevent tin from coming through the hole and not exposing copper, the PENTING option in SOLDER MASK, an additional attribute of the hole, must be checked to close the hole.

In addition, this layer can also be used for non-electric wire running alone, so that the green oil resistance welding will open the window accordingly.If it is above the copper foil wire, it is used to enhance the capacity of wire over current.If it is on the non-copper foil line, it is generally designed for marking and special character screen printing, which can save the production of character screen printing layer.


This layer is generally used for SMT reflow soldering process of SMT of laminated components. It has no relationship with the manufacturer of the printing plate. When exporting GERBER, it can be deleted.

5. TOP/BOTTOM OVERLAY (TOP/BOTTOM screen printing layer) :

Designed for a variety of screen marking, such as element bit number, characters, trademarks, etc.


Designed for PCB mechanical appearance, the default LAYER1 for the appearance layer.Other layer2/3/4 and so on can be used for mechanical dimension labeling or special use, for example, layer2/3/4 can be used when some plates need to make conductive carbon oil, but the use of this layer must be clearly marked on the same layer.

7. KEEPOUT LAYER (no wiring LAYER) :

The design is to prohibit the wiring layer, and many designers also use to make the MECHANICAL appearance of PCB. If there are KEEPOUT and MECHANICAL LAYER1 on the PCB, it mainly depends on the appearance integrity of these two layers, which is generally subject to MECHANICAL LAYER1.It is recommended to use MECHANICAL LAYER1 as the appearance LAYER when designing. If KEEPOUT LAYER is used as the appearance, do not use MECHANICAL LAYER1 again to avoid confusion!

8. MIDLAYERS (middle signaling layer) :

It is mostly used for multi-layer board, and our design is seldom used.It can also be used as a special-purpose layer, but its use must be clearly identified at the same layer.


For multi-layer board, our design is not used.

10. Multi-layer (through hole LAYER) :

Through hole disc layer.

11. DRILL GUIDE (drilling positioning layer) :

The central positioning coordinate layer of the welded disc and the hole through the hole.


The dimension description layer of the hole diameter of the welding disc and the hole.

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