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Demand for the PCB will continue in the year

Dec 27, 2017

2017 is a year of high demand for printed circuit board (PCB), and the performance of the manufacturing equipment industry will be prosperous.

PCB industry this year in new generation mobile phones apple iPhone import class loading board, advanced vehicle driving assistance systems (ADAS) import the demand of high frequency high speed board's most high-profile, also let huatong, songstress China electronic stock prices quadrupled;

And the PCB industry will continue to thrive in 2018.


PCB industry market in 2017, in addition to health ding technology in hubei xiantao factory opened a new production capacity of 600000 feet, the supply is not much new capacity, while Taiwanese GeChang focus on capacity to bottlenecks and strive for new client authentication, such as competing nations, and thou hast set up electronic will announce into the Tier 1 automotive electronics factory certification, in 2018 will have a contribution from vehicle plate for revenue.


And vehicle plate has 20% of the revenue was jian ding technology on the block to drive the growth of the market boom, jian ding director pointed out that science and technology, vehicle electronic level increases, will have obvious promoting industry boom to go fast young's benefit;

Such as mobile phone and Internet communications and other server will is the key of the growth of demand, especially the new generation wireless communication points increasingly dense and connects people CheJie phone demand below, are the focus of the whole market.

China, which has invested in apple's new generation of mobile phones this year, is cautiously optimistic in 2018.


Related equipment in the past, the PCB industry has been beset by PCB industry does not see the order don't invest in equipment, at present a lot of automation equipment factory benefit from industry deepening factors and industrial boom that prospect.

For PCB equipment industry is more bullish, PCB manufacturer plans to expand produces active in recent years, south China includes shennan circuit, five strains of science and technology, shantou ultrasonic electronic and bo min etc. Large supply PCB factory equipment procurement requirements also in ascension, the enlargement of our local PCB factory vigorously in board and production automation equipment and other equipment business 4.0 up to nt $1.2 billion.

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