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Difference between aluminum PCB and copper PCB

May 07, 2018

The difference between the aluminum substrate and the copper clad laminate has always been a question of many customers. The relationship between the two is that the aluminum substrate is a kind of copper clad laminate. Jane, in fact, both can be expressed as the same thing. The following Xiaobian is simple. Talk about the difference between aluminum substrates and copper clad laminates.



Difference between aluminum substrate and copper clad plate:


Comparison of performance: aluminum substrate is better than the copper-clad laminate in terms of heat dissipation performance, aluminum substrate heat dissipation and its insulation layer density, thermal conductivity, the thinner the insulation layer, the higher the thermal conductivity.


Comparison of mechanical properties: In all aspects of mechanical properties, aluminum substrates are better than copper clad laminates in comparison with copper clad laminates. Aluminum substrate has good mechanical strength and toughness.


Comparison of thermal expansion coefficient: Due to the problem of thermal expansion of ordinary copper cladding, it is easy to affect the quality of metal holes and wires. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the aluminum substrate is smaller than the coefficient of thermal expansion of the copper composite plate, which helps to ensure the quality and reliability of the printed circuit board.


Comparison of electromagnetic shielding performance: As a shield plate, it plays a role in shielding electromagnetic waves, but it is superior to the copper clad plate.


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