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Electroplating in two ways compared to vertical plating with horizontal plating

May 10, 2017

Electroplating is a circuit board production in the production of a necessary process, we all know that plating is divided into horizontal plating and vertical plating of two, today we have to analyze their advantages and disadvantages: horizontal plating and vertical plating process methods have the following Strengths:

(1) to adapt to a wide range of dimensions, without manual loading, to achieve all the automation operations, to improve and ensure that the process of the substrate surface damage, to achieve large-scale production is extremely beneficial.

(2) in the process review, without leaving the clamping position, increase the practical area, greatly saving the loss of raw materials.

(3) Horizontal plating using the entire computer control, so that the substrate under the same conditions, to ensure that each printed circuit board surface and hole coating uniformity.

(4) from the management point of view, the plating tank from the cleaning, plating solution to add and replace, can be fully automated operation, not because of human error caused by management out of control problems.

(5) from the actual production can be measured to know, because the level of plating using multi-level cleaning, greatly saving the amount of cleaning water and reduce the pressure of sewage treatment.

(6) Because of the closed operation of the system, the pollution of the working space and the evaporation of heat on the process environment are greatly affected and the operating environment is greatly improved. Especially in the drying of the heat due to reduced wear and tear, saving the energy of the unnecessary consumption and greatly improve production efficiency.

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