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Introduction of PCB Copy

May 18, 2018

The technical realization process of PCB copying is simple, that is to scan the circuit of the board first, record the detailed component position, then dismantle the components to make the material list (BOM) and arrange the material purchase, the empty board is scanned into the picture through the software to restore the PCB board diagram file, and then send the file to PCB factory to manufacture. After making the board and assembling thecomponents on the board, then tested and debugged it.


The specific technical steps are as follows:


The first step is to get a piece of PCB and first record the model, parameters, and position of all the components on the paper, especially the diode, the direction of the three - stage tube, and the direction of the IC gap. It is best to take a picture of the location of two Zhang Yuan gas parts with a digital camera. A lot of PCB boards are getting higher and higher. The diodes on the diodes do not pay attention to them at all.


The second step is to remove all the devices and remove the tin from the PAD hole. Clean the PCB with alcohol, then put it in the scanner, and scan the scanner slightly to get a bit of the scanned pixels to get a clearer picture. Then use water gauze to lightly polish the top floor and the bottom layer, polish the copper film to light up, put it into the scanner, start the PHOTOSHOP, and sweep the two layers in color. Note that PCB must be horizontal and vertical in the scanner, otherwise the scanned image will not be used.


The third step, adjust the contrast of the canvas, brightness, make the part of the copper film and the non - copper film part of the contrast strong, then turn the map to black and white, check whether the line is clear, if not clear, repeat this step. If it is clear, it will be saved as black and white BMP format file TOP BMP and BOT BMP. If there is any problem with the graphics, PHOTOSHOP can be used for patching and correcting.


The fourth step, two BMP format files into PROTEL format files respectively, in the PROTEL into two layers, such as two layers of PAD and VIA position basically coincide, show that the first few steps do very well, if there is a deviation, then repeat the third steps. Therefore, PCB copy board is a very patient work, because a small problem will affect the quality and the matching degree after copying.


The fifth step, the TOP layer of BMP into TOP PCB, notice to be converted to the SILK layer, that is the yellow layer, and then you on the TOP layer is the line, and according to the second step of the drawing device. After the painting is finished, the SILK layer is deleted. Keep repeating until all the layers are drawn.


The sixth step is to transfer TOP PCB and BOT PCB into PROTEL, and merge it into one diagram and OK.


The last step is to use the laser printer to print TOP LAYER and BOTTOM LAYER on the transparent film (the proportion of 1:1), and put the film on the PCB and compare if it is wrong. If that's right, you will do it.


A copy board like the original board was born, but it was only half completed. It is also necessary to test whether the electronic performance of the copying board is the same as that of the original board. If that's true, it's done.

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