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LGD transparent display of new products, led PCB related needs

Jan 16, 2018

South Korea LG Group to accelerate investment in mainland expansion plans, its LG Display (LGD) as a pioneer, is scheduled to sprint OLED production capacity this year, legal optimistic, soft board factory with Thai, plant fan declared, Chi-san, and Material Factory Tatsu and other OLED equipment components factory will benefit.

For the first time, LGD publicly displayed 65-inch UHD video and 55-inch transparent display products at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in a bid to tap the unique value brought by using OLED technology to the market. LGD also forecasted that, Will be actively exploring new applications OLED and high-end LCD market.

The industry pointed out that LGD launched a transparent display of new products that will drive PCB-related high-end flexible boards and high-speed transmission of material needs, coupled with the 8.5 generation of OLED production line key equipment only a few manufacturers have been certified, Taiwan's supply chain will be more affected this year Pay attention.

It is understood that with the Thai factory has undergone transformation with the production needs of customers, and actively cut into the international manufacturers of new TV applications, the target this year, LCD and OLED modules to further increase the proportion of the terminal application revenue, rumored Taizhou plant production capacity of 70% has also been South Korea Department of customers in advance booking.

LGD Goals This year, the global OLED and LCD market will continue to expand. The industry anticipates that with the launch of new related products, the existing capacity will also accelerate the investment and new capacity of LGD mainland.

Industry observations, Taiwan factory up to transport, Fan declared each key materials, OLED equipment own development capabilities; Chi-Chi is equipped with intelligent hot plate multi-layer furnace equipment technology, the overall relevant Taiwanese manufacturers are actively layout related to the expansion of large-scale OLED investment Production equipment procurement needs.

Review Korean officials have approved the LGD application on December 26 last year to build 8.5 generation OLED panel production plant in mainland China's plan. According to the plan, LGD aims to invest 8.5 generation OLED production lines in mainland China in the future and reach one quarter of the investment in OLED in the next three years. This year it is estimated that the total OLED output will reach 2.8 million with an annual increase of 64.7%.

LGD is scheduled to invest 1.8 trillion won, to create OLED factories in mainland China outside Guangzhou. According to LGD official report to the mainland, currently operating in Guangzhou Yatsushiro LCD panel factory, and in Nanjing, Guangzhou, Yantai module factory.

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