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​Multi-layer circuit board advantages and disadvantages

Sep 15, 2017

Multi-layer circuit board advantages and disadvantages
Advantages of multi-layer circuit boards: high assembly density, small size, light weight due to the high assembly density, the components (including components) to reduce the connection between the increase in reliability; it can increase the number of wiring layers, thus increasing the Design flexibility; can constitute a certain impedance of the circuit; it also can form a high-speed transmission circuit; it can be set circuit, magnetic circuit shielding layer, but also set the metal core cooling layer to meet the shielding, cooling and other special functional needs; installation is simple, high reliability.

Shortcomings of multi-layer circuit board :it is high cost, long cycle, need high reliability detection means. Multi-layer printed circuit is the electronic technology to high-speed, multi-functional, large capacity, small volume of the product development. With the continuous development of electronic technology, especially large-scale and large-scale integrated circuits widely in-depth application, multi-layer printed circuit is rapidly to high density, high precision, high-level digital direction, there have been fine lines, , Blind hole buried hole, high plate thickness ratio and other technologies to meet the needs of the market.

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