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PCB board surface treatment process -- the difference between the gold plate and the gold plate.

May 10, 2018

Surface there are several kinds of treatment technology of circuit board: a board (don't do any surface treatment), resin plate, OSP (organic solder protective agent, a little better than rosin), tin, lead, tin, lead-free tin), gold-plated board, heavy gold plate, etc., 

We briefly introduce the difference between the gold plating and the gold plating process.

Gold finger plates require gold or gold.
gold finger pcb_看图王.png

The difference between the gold plating process and the gold plating process.

Turmeric is a chemical deposition methods, generated by the method of chemical oxidation reduction reactions a layer of coating, the general thickness is thicker, is a kind of chemical nickel gold layer deposition method, can achieve a thick layer of gold.

Gold plating USES the principle of electrolysis, also known as electroplating.

Other metal surface treatments are mostly electroplated.

In the actual product application, 90% of the gold plate is the gold plate, because the poor welding property of the plate is his fatal flaw, which is the direct cause of many companies to abandon the gold plating process!

The gold plating process has stable color deposition on the printed circuit surface, good brightness, smooth coating and good weldability.

It can be divided into four stages: pretreatment (oil removal, microerosion, activation, post-dipping), nickel sinking, sinking gold, post-treatment (waste water washing, DI washing, drying).

The thickness of the deposit is 0.025-0.1um.

Applied to the circuit board surface treatment, because the electrical conductivity of the gold is strong, good oxidation resistance, long service life, general applications such as keypad, gold finger board, etc., and gilded plate and the most fundamental difference is that heavy gold plate is gold plated hard gold (wear), turmeric is soft gold (wear).

1, the heavy gold and gold-plated crystal structure, which is formed by the heavy gold for the thickness of the gold is much thicker than gold plated, zedoary are golden, more than a gold yellow (this is one of the ways to distinguish between gold plated and heavy gold), gilded slightly pale color (nickel).

2. The crystal structure formed by the sinking gold and the gold plating is different, and the gold plating is easier to weld than the gold plating, which will not cause the welding defects.

The stress of the sinking plate is easier to control, and it is more favorable to the state's processing.

It is also because the sinking gold is softer than gold, so the gold plate is made of gold finger.

3. The sinking gold plate only has nickel gold on the welding plate, and the transmission of signals in the skin effect will not affect the signal in the copper layer.

4. The crystal structure is denser and less prone to oxidation than gold plating.

5. As the machining accuracy of circuit boards is higher and higher, the line width and spacing are below 0.1mm.

Gold plating is easy to produce gold wire short circuit.

The sinking gold plate only has nickel gold on the plate, so it is not easy to produce gold wire short circuit.

6. The sinking gold plate only has nickel gold on the welded plate, so the resistance welding on the line is stronger with the copper layer.

Engineering does not affect the spacing when making compensation.

7. For the higher requirements of the board, the flatness requirements are better, generally the use of the sinking gold, the sinking gold generally does not appear the post-assembly black cushion phenomenon.

The flatness of the sunken gold plate is better than that of the gold plate.

So at present most factories have adopted the gold plating process.

But the gold plating process is more expensive (and more expensive) than the gold-plated process, so there are still plenty of low-priced products that use gold-plated technology (such as remote controls and toy boards).

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