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PCB gold consumption is too large? Five strokes teach you how to save gold salt

Dec 28, 2017

In the PCB "gold" process, from what we can do to reduce the consumption of gold salts, in order to achieve the maximum benefit of the finished product?

Gold layer with corrosion resistance, high conductivity, good weldability, low contact resistance and stability, high temperature, soft, wear-resistant properties. At the same time, gold and other metals (such as carbon, iron, etc.) after alloying higher hardness, wear resistance and better. With the rising price of gold in the market, the cost of gold plating has also become a key project of the enterprise.

Analysis of gold saving in gold plating


The gold salt of gold electroplating mainly includes the consumption of the gold layer of the printed circuit board pattern and the consumption of the bath liquid. Gold plated layer is too thick or too much liquid bath will result in the waste of gold salt, resulting in invalid gold salt cost. In addition, the thickness of the current gold plating production instructions mainly indicate the requirements for the control standard, the upper limit of the thickness of gold plating almost no control.


Process parameters control

1. Potion stability control

Potion stability is the gold plating reaction rate of the decisive factor. The gold ions as the main gold plating reaction components, the concentration will fluctuate with the consumption of production fluctuations in the concentration of gold salt in turn lead to gold-plated reaction rate fluctuations. Therefore, in order to ensure a stable gold plating reaction rate, it is necessary to keep the concentration of the gold salt in the gold tank at a relatively stable level. Under the premise of stable syrup, the setting and adjustment of the gold plating parameters will be more accurate, and the thickness of the gold plating will have a more stable control. In order to maintain the stability of the concentration of gold salt in the gold tank, we must pay attention to the following two points:

(1) Maintain the accuracy and completeness of production records;

(2) Keep the added timeliness of gold salt, and follow the principle of "few times and many times"


2. Parameter control of the standardization

Bulk parts and bulk board interspersed production need to make the first board, batch board gold plating thickness and gold salt addition process management and control, the specific improvement requirements shown in Table 1.

3. Gold-plated layer thickness control measures

To ensure the effectiveness of monitoring, the following monitoring measures can be formulated.

(1) Formulation of "Golden Salt Cost Savings Project Monitoring Sheet" In view of the content of gold plating thickness control, the Company formulated the "Golden Salt Cost Savings Project Monitoring Sheet", which has complete control over production records, timeliness of gold salt addition, , Batch plate gold plating thickness control and gold salt after the adjustment parameters such as the project inspection, and analysis of non-compliance improvement.

(2) ERP gold layer thickness data to improve the current ERP system exported gold salt consumption data, some errors and incomplete. The software needs to be submitted to the information center, improve the module to ensure that gold salt consumption data is accurate and complete.

(3) Regularly export the ERP gilding layer thickness data records, and calculate the thickness and thickness of the gilded layer according to the requirements of the line and the gilts, and analyze the implementation and stability of the thickness control of the gilts. Analyze and improve the abnormal points.

4. Optimized gold plating uniformity

If the thickness of the gold plating gold plating is low, seriously affecting the production process of gold layer thickness control. In the production process, in order to meet the minimum thickness of the customer requirements of gold-plated layer, gold-plated layer is often too thick, resulting in a serious waste of gold salt. In order to optimize the uniformity of plating thick gold trough, it can be improved by changing the way and location of the anode titanium mesh in the trough to find the best solution through technical testing. At the same time, in the gold plating process for the smaller production board, can be equipped with anode baffle for the production, but also can significantly improve the gold plating uniformity.

5 to reduce the amount of bath out

If there is a big deviation from the grasp of time, insufficient dripping time will result in a large amount of tank liquid being taken out. However, if the dripping time is too long, the production efficiency will be reduced and the production capacity will be wasted.

At the same time, if the vibration device is added, the bath attached to the plate surface can drip more quickly under the external force, which can effectively reduce the amount of the bath liquid and shorten the dripping time and increase the efficiency. In the meantime, add the auxiliary bracket on the drip bracket of the gold plating tank to make the gold-plated fixtures form a 45 ° angle with the vertical direction, which can speed up the dropping of the bath of the board surface. Because the normal production of the board, the entire lower edge of the board to become the surface of the pool of adhesive pool convergence point. The tilt hanging, the liquid convergence point in the corner, you can speed up the convergence of liquid plate dripping.

Table 2 for the horizontal standing, standing tilt, horizontal vibration and tilt vibration of the four drip way drip time statistics (with no obvious drip drip endpoint, manual simulation of vibration) From the above verification data can be seen: the drip mode Set to tilt vibration, to ensure drip effect in a short drip time.

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