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PCB Industry Welcome Season Upstream Supply and Demand for Raw Materials

Jun 26, 2018

The PCB industry entered the peak market demand in the second half of the year, but the strong demand in the third quarter was the demand for upstream copper foils, fiberglass cloth and copper foil substrates (CCL). In particular, fiberglass yarn factories still have tight supply of raw fiberglass yarns. In the predicament, the product's rally is imminent; the copper foil factory is accelerating its demand for copper foils due to the lithium battery and PCB plant of electric vehicles, and it has formed the market demand.


According to Li Sixian, general manager of Jinju Development at the Copper Foil Factory, Jinju maintains its processing fee in the second quarter of this year and the level of the first quarter, and enters the peak season of PCB in the third quarter. Under the emerging market demand, the processing fee will maintain a stable level, which will be favorable for promotion. Season 3 profit.


As for the supply of fiberglass fabrics, the supply of raw fiberglass yarns has been tight since the fourth quarter of last year. This phenomenon has not been improved so far. In the second quarter of the market during the off-season, the prices of electronic-grade fiberglass cloths have no strong upward trend. However, both Fu Qiao and Dehong are optimistic about the effect of the third quarter of the season, which will push up demand and increase prices.


As for the PCB full-process factory, the third quarter is the beginning of the peak season, and the fourth quarter is the most prosperous quarter in the whole year. Relatively speaking, Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X have changed their SLP designs since last year. Xinghua, Huatong, and Handan are all suppliers. In the second year of this year, Apple's production, the yield rate should be significantly improved, the third quarter will help pay attention to profit, but because the class carrier board consumes too much intermediate process The formation of HDI (High Density Bonded Plate) production capacity exclusion; legal persons optimistic about the tripod last year to increase the increase of 600,000 square feet per month, will be enough to eat HDI board orders.


As for the PCB equipment sector, the third quarter was originally the peak season for delivery. After the AOI plant Mudeyue’s monthly revenue hit a record high for 13 consecutive months, the general manager Chen Fusheng still expressed optimism for the 3rd quarter economy;翊 In the third quarter, there was a wave of shipments to the semiconductor and soft board factory Jialian Yiguanyin, which will significantly increaseits performance.

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