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PCB Layout

Apr 18, 2018

What is PCB Layout?

PCB Layout is based on the circuit schematic, to realize the functions required by the circuit designer. PCB Layout is also called the PCB Layout design, PCB routing, according to the schematic of PCB drawing PCB diagram. PCB Layout needs to be considered in the process of the Layout of the external connections, the optimization of the internal electronic components, metal wire Layout optimization and hole Layout, a variety of factors such as electromagnetic protection, heat dissipation.

The common design softwares of PCB Layout are:

Cadence Allegro
MentorGraphics PADS
MentorGraphics WG,EN
Altium Protel
Zuken CR

Attention to PCB Layout:

1. When the parts are arranged, each part of the circuit can be arranged as closely as possible, and the line is as short as possible.

2. IC ground decoupling capacitor should be as close to IC foot as possible to increase the effect.

3. If the voltage difference between the two lines is large, pay attention to the safety spacing.

4. Consider the current size of each circuit, i.e., heat condition to determine the thickness of copper foil.

5: when the circuit corner, try to have an acute Angle, the right Angle is best to use obtuse Angle and circular arc.

6: for high frequency circuits, it is better not to walk too long in parallel, to reduce the influence of distributed capacitance, and generally adopt the mode of the top layer.

7: high level circuit must consider the high frequency impedance of ground wire, generally adopt the method of large area grounding, each point is close to ground, reduce the inductance portion of ground line, let the potential of each street location is similar.

8: the circuit of high frequency circuit should be thick and short, and reduce the influence of inductance and high frequency impedance on the circuit due to too long line.

9: when the parts are arranged, it is generally necessary to arrange the same kind of parts together, to be as neat as possible, to be consistent in the direction of the polarized elements, and to reduce the potential production cost.

10: for RF machines, the parts of the power supply are as far away from the receiving plate as possible to reduce interference.

11: for the TF machine, the transmitter should be as far away from the PIR as possible to reduce the interference caused by the PIR during launch.

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