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PCB output

May 17, 2018

Before 2000, 70% of global PCB output was distributed in three regions: Europe, the Americas (mainly North America), and Japan. Since entering the 21st century, the focus of the PCB industry has continued to shift to the Asian region, forming a new industry structure. PCB production value in Asia is close to 90% of the world's total, which is dominated by global PCB, especially China and Southeast Asia. According to Prismark statistics, China has surpassed Japan as the world's largest and fastest-growing PCB manufacturing base since 2006 and has become the main growth driver for the development of the global PCB industry. In 2012, the output value of PCB in mainland China reached US$21.136 billion, accounting for 39.84% of the total PCB output value in the world. From 2008 to 2012, the annual compound annual growth rate of China's PCB output value reached 9.52%, which was higher than the global growth rate. According to Prismark's forecast, in 2017 China's PCB output value will reach 28.972 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 44.13% of the world's total output value.

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