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PCB production process

Jan 03, 2018

PCB production process


Open the material

Purpose: According to the requirements of engineering data MI, in the meet the requirements of large sheets, cut into small pieces of production plates. Meet the customer requirements of small pieces of sheet metal.

Process: large sheet → Press MI requirements cutting board → board → beer round corner milling → out of the board


Objective: According to the project data, the desired size of the open sheet, the corresponding position of the required drilling diameter.

Flow: Stacking pin → upper plate → drilling → lower plate → check and repair


Shen copper

Purpose: Shen copper is the use of chemical methods in the insulating wall deposited a thin layer of copper.

Process: Rough grinding → hanging board → automatic sinking copper → lower board → leaching dilute H2SO4 → thickening copper


Graphic transfer

Purpose: Graphic transfer is the production of film on the image transferred to the board.

Process: (blue oil flow): grinding plate → printed on the first side → drying → printed on the second side → drying → exposure → burst shadow → check; (dry film flow): Ma plate → lamination → stand → right Bit → exposure → stand → Chong Ying → check

Graphical plating


Purpose: Graphical plating is the plating of a layer of copper on the exposed copper or hole wall of the circuit pattern to the desired thickness and the gold or nickel layer of the desired thickness.

Flow: on the board → degreasing → washed twice → micro-etching → washing → pickling → copper → washing → pickling → tin → washing → under the plate

Back to the film

Objective: With NaOH solution retreat anti-plating film to expose the non-circuit copper layer exposed.

Flow: water film: rack → soak alkali → rinse → scrub → machine; dry film: put plate → machine


Purpose: Etching is the use of chemical reaction method to corrosion of non-circuit parts of the copper layer.


green oil

Purpose: Green oil transfers the green film pattern onto the board to help protect the circuit and prevent tin from traveling on the soldered parts.

Process: grinding plate → India light green → 锔 plate → exposure → Chong Ying; grinding plate → printed on the first side → drying plate → printed on the second side → drying plate


Purpose: A character is a convenient marker provided.

Process: green after the end cold cooling standstill → transfer network → print character 


Gilt fingers

Purpose: Apply a layer of nickel-gold layer of required thickness to the plug finger to make it more resistant to abrasion.

Process: on the board → degreasing → washed twice → micro-etching → washed twice → pickling → copper → washing → nickel plating → washing → gold plating

Tinplate (a side by side process)

Purpose: Spray tin is sprayed with a layer of lead-tin on the exposed copper surface that is not covered with solder mask to protect the copper surface from corrosion and oxidation so as to ensure good welding performance.

Process: micro-etching → drying → preheating → rosin coating → solder coating → hot air leveling → air cooling → washing air drying


Purpose: gong through the mold stamping or CNC gong out of the shape of the customer needs the method of organic gongs, beer board, gongs, hand-cut

Description: The data gong board and beer board high accuracy, followed by hand gongs, hand-cut board with the lowest can only do some simple shape.


Purpose: Through the electronic test, visual inspection is not easy to find open, short circuit and other functional defects.

Flow: Die → Placement → Test → Pass → FQC Visual Inspection → Fail → Repair → Return Test → OK → REJ → Scrap

Final inspection

OBJECTIVE: Through the visual inspection of the appearance of defects plate, and minor defects to be repaired to avoid problems and defects plate outflow.

Specific workflow: incoming → view data → visual inspection → pass → FQA spot check → pass → package → unqualified → processing → check OK

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