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PCB Surface Finishing Introduction

May 25, 2018


Leaded HASL was the traditional finish prior to RoHS, This end is still available with RoHS exemptions. It is applied by soldering the impregnated PCB, and then the excess solder is removed by blowing a gas knife to produce a flat solder coating.


2. Immersion Silver

Immersion silver is a RoHS compliant finish. It is produced by the selective displacement of the copper atoms by silver atoms on the exposed copper surface. It is compatible with surface mount, BGA and through hole components.




ENIG is a RoHS compliant finish. It is an excellent surface finish by depositing an initial nickel layer on the copper surface, followed by a thin gold protective layer, hardness nickel, wear resistance, weldability and nickel uniformity of deposition uniformity. By preventing oxidation of the highly active nickel surface, the gold layer retains the solderability of the coating. It is compatible with surface mount, BGA and via components.



ENIG is a RoHS compliant finish. ISIG is a new type of multifunctional final finish. It shows excellent solderability of gold and aluminum wires, as well as excellent solderability for any type of solder application. It is possible to have a gold plating thickness of 0.3 μm. This layer combination is best suited for high frequency and medical applications (nickel free) as well as thin wire technology and flexible sheets (very thin layer thickness). Semi-automatic equipment allows the process control unit to automatically dose and ensure consistent quality.



5. OSP

OSP is a RoHS compliant finish. It is an anti-oxidant film applied to the exposed copper surface. It reacts with the copper to form an organo-metallic layer, the coating is virtually invisible. 

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