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PCBs in Consumer Electronics

Apr 14, 2018

Consumer electronics are the devices we use daily, such as smartphones or computers. Even the newest models of refrigerators often include electronic components. Within every one of these devices is a PCB.

Due to the high volume at which these consumer electronics are manufactured, the amount of PCBs produced to control them must be equal in quantity. These high-volume PCBs have low per-unit cost, keeping the price of the final product relatively small. The challenge is maintaining the uniformity and quality of these PCBs, which is why PCB manufacturers have to comply with strict industry standards and quality-control measures to ensure that every consumer electronic functions as expected.

The applications of PCBs in consumer electronics are extensive. The following are just a few of the common uses of PCBs in consumer electronics:


 Mobile Devices: Smartphones and tablets are at the heart of our daily routine, functioning as everything from our alarm clocks to our GPS.

• Computer Electronics: Desktops and laptops both contain PCBs at their cores, as do the screens and peripheral devices associated with them.

• Recording Devices: Camcorders, digital cameras, microphones and other recording devices all rely on their internal PCBs to function.

• Entertainment Systems: Everything in your home entertainment system, from your DVD player and video-game console to your television and stereo set.

• Home Appliances: Almost every modern device runs using electronic components: Alarm clocks, microwaves, refrigerator, coffee makers, etc.


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