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Pointofsales printed circuit board

Apr 27, 2018

It is a terminal reader equipped with bar code or OCR code technology and has a cash or barter cashier function. Its main task is to provide data services and management functions for commodity and media transactions, and to perform non-cash settlements.


POS is a multi-functional terminal. It can be installed in the special merchants of credit cards and the acceptance network with computers to form a network. The electronic funds can be transferred automatically. It has the functions of supporting consumption, pre-authorization, balance inquiry and transfer, etc. It is safe, fast and reliable. In basic transactions, it is difficult to obtain basic management information. The introduction of POS systems is mainly to solve blind spots in information management in the retail industry. An important part of the chain store management information system.



It has strong scalability, powerful functions, industrial design, high cost performance, compact structure, functional and practical, simple operation, stable performance, and easy secondary application development. It is a variety of e-commerce terminals and IC card intelligent terminals. Ideal for network terminals and data acquisition terminals.



1. It is convenient and quick for consumers to make purchases and settlements. It can stimulate large purchases and impulsive shopping, and increase business turnover. According to statistics, the sales of merchants installing mobile POS machines have increased by more than 40%.

2. Reduce the liquidation of cash flow and bank deposits by merchants and increase the speed of capital turnover.

3. Effectively avoid counterfeit currency and cash management security risks.

4. Improve transaction processing speed and accelerate the use of merchant funds.

5. Increasing the cash flow of merchants in banks is beneficial to the handling of loans when they are needed.

6. Attract 3 billion UnionPay card consumers, especially consumer groups of credit card holders. (Consumers have taken a fancy to the commodities that your organization likes, but suffer from pockets that do not have enough funds. If you use a credit card, you will not only solve the problem of funds.) , And he can easily apply for repayment in installments.

7. Improve merchants' taste and image and help merchants establish advantages in fierce market competition.

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