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Printed Circuit Board Impedance Control:

May 10, 2017

There are various signals in the conductor in the circuit board. When the transmission rate must be increased, the circuit itself must be changed due to the different factors such as etching, stack thickness, wire width and so on, which will cause the impedance to change. Signal distortion. Therefore, in the high-speed circuit board conductor, the impedance value should be controlled within a certain range, known as the "impedance control." The factors that affect the impedance of the PCB trace are copper wire width, copper wire thickness, dielectric constant, medium thickness, pad thickness, ground path, alignment of traces, So in the design of the PCB must be on the board to control the impedance of the line in order to avoid the signal as much as possible to reflect and other electromagnetic interference and signal integrity issues to ensure the practical use of PCB board stability. PCB board microstrip line and stripline impedance calculation method can refer to the corresponding empirical formula.

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