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Printed circuit board plating production line maintenance and maintenance Routine maintenance and maintenance methods

May 23, 2018

1. The maintenance and maintenance of the tank The main difference between the vertical electroplating line and the horizontal electroplating line is that the circuit board is transported in different ways, and the maintenance and maintenance methods for the tank are essentially the same. 7d Wash the washing tanks once. Wash the pickling tanks once. Clean and replace the tank fluid. Perform a check on the spraying equipment in the tank to see if there are any obstructions. For the copper plating bath, the conductive support on the tin plating bath, and the contact position between the anode and the live wire, it can be wiped and sanded with a rag for a clean cleaning; the copper plating tank, the tin basket with a tin plating bath, and the tin strip basket One inspection, replacement of the rotten titanium basket, tin basket, and the addition of copper balls and tin strips. After the addition of copper balls and tin strips in 7 days, electroplating of copper plating baths and electroplating tin baths was conducted.


7d also uses high- and low-current methods for trial production, so that after the addition of new copper balls and tin strips, the production performance is stable and then production is carried out. Every 90 copper balls and anode bags are cleaned. Every 120~150d uses activated carbon to conduct a filtration cleaning of the bath, filter out impurities in the bath, and clean the tin bath once.


2. Maintenance and maintenance of vertical electroplating line vibration mechanism In vertical electroplating, in order to ensure the uniformity of surface copper and the effect of hole copper during electroplating, the plate will be subjected to vibration swinging, and the tank body will have a vibration swing mechanism.


30d to check the reducer to see if it is operating normally, check its tightness; to check the vibration of the mounting motor bolt fastening; check the vibration rubber wear, for more serious wear, to be replaced in a timely manner.


    180d Check the contact condition of the power cable in the terminal box, and fasten the connector loosely. The power line that melts or deteriorates the wire insulation layer must be replaced in time to ensure the insulation between the power cables. All bearings on the vibrating mechanism are to be checked once, the last time grease is used, and the worn-out bearings are replaced promptly.


3, vertical plating line maintenance and maintenance of vertical plating line is used to drive, hanging on the circuit board transmission. Cranes and hangers should be cleaned once a week (the carriages and hangers must not be disassembled) to keep their appearance neat and tidy. When cleaning, they can be wiped with a rag and sanded. 30d Perform a check on the rack and check the damage of the rack. Check and maintain the running motor and reducer to check the entire transmission to ensure normal operation. 180d Carry out an in-depth cleaning and maintenance of the carriage and the hanger, and remove the hanger from the carriage for cleaning.


4. Horizontal Plating Line Conveyor Maintenance and Maintenance The horizontal conveyor line adopts a roller. The rotation of the roller is used to continuously feed the circuit board into each slot. Therefore, the maintenance of the horizontal plating line conveyor and the vertical plating line Something different. 7d Clean the rollers of the horizontal plating line once, and clean the adhered foreign materials on the rollers to ensure that the plate surface is clean when the plates are conveyed; check the coupler and check for looseness. Every 180 days, the wheel is inspected to check whether the wheel is worn, and the worn wheel is replaced in time to ensure that the board will not appear when the board is conveyed; the transmission gear, the transmission shaft and the entire transmission system device are required. Perform an inspection and make prompt repairs to the problems that have occurred.


5. Maintenance and Maintenance of Cycling Filtration System 7d Inspect the filter cartridge of the circulating filtration system to see if there is any leakage in the filter cartridge. For every 10 to 15 days, the filter wick must be cleaned or replaced. 30d to replace the filter carbon core to ensure the quality of the filter and filter flow; to clean the filter pump and clean the air filter filter hood and filter. 30d Check the contact condition of the pump motor power cable connector, and find that the loosening should be fastened in time. Replace the new cable with the aging of the cable to ensure good contact and safe insulation and protect the motor.


6, other parts of the maintenance and maintenance 7d to the power output power twice to check; to the power supply, electrical control of the heat dissipation, radiator inspection, dust, clean, prevent it from affecting heat. 30d Inspect the electrical components of the electrical unit and replace them in time if there is any damage or corrosion. Inspect all connectors, and repair any defects such as poor contact, imaginary bonding and imaginary welding. If any corrosion or damage occurs, replace them promptly. Check the contactors and relays. If there is poor contact or contact adhesion, replace them promptly. Check the main parameters of capacitors, reactors, and resistors. If any abnormality occurs, replace them as soon as possible.



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