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Professional PCB lamination process

Sep 13, 2018

1. Autoclave pressure cooker

A container filled with high-temperature saturated water vapor and capable of applying high pressure, the Laminates sample can be placed in the Laminates for a period of time, forcing water air into the plate, and then the sample can be taken out and placed on the surface of high-temperature molten tin to measure its "resistance to stratification".

The word is also synonymous with Pressure Cooker and is more commonly used in the industry.

Another kind of Autoclave Press is the "cabin pressure method" which is carried out with high temperature and pressure of carbon dioxide in the laminar laminar process.

2. Cap Lamination Cap compression is legal

It refers to the traditional lamination method in early days, when the "outer layer" of MLB adopted single-sided copper-clad thin base plate for lamination and compression. It was not until the increase in production of MLB at the end of 1984 that the current copper-clad large or large compression method (Mss Lam) was adopted.

This early use of single-sided copper sheet thin base of MLB compression, known as Cap Lamination.

A crepe

In laminar lamination, usually referred to the copper sheet in the treatment of the failure of the wrinkle.

Such defects are more likely to occur in thin copper sheets under 0.5 oz.

4. Dent depression

The smooth and uniform subsidence on the copper surface may be caused by the local point protrusion of the steel plate used in the compaction. If the edge of the fault is neat falling, it is called Dish Down.

If these defects are unfortunately left on the line after copper corrosion, the impedance of high-speed transmission will be unstable, resulting in Noise Noise.

Therefore, this kind of loss should be avoided as far as possible.

5. Caul Plate separator

Sandwich Plate under pressure, right in the press between each of the (Opening), many DieLa "copies" to press the board of the bulk material (such as 8 ~ 10 sets), the cost between "loose material" (Book), shall be of stainless steel Plate of flat, smooth and hard to be separated, the Caul of dividing use mirror stainless steel Plate according to Plate or Separate Plate, the common people such as AISI 430 and AISI 630.

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