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Rapid detection of PCB board faults

May 24, 2018

Some people have a keen interest in debugging PCB boards, just as programmers solve bugs. Common PCB circuit board problems are not limited, such as circuit board design, electronic component damage, line short circuit, component quality, PCB circuit board disconnection fault and other issues.


The common PCB board failures are mainly concentrated on components, such as capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, transistors, field effect transistors, integrated chips, and crystal oscillators. The most intuitive way to judge the failure of these components is through the eyes. The presence of more obvious signs of burning on the surface is a damaged electronic component. For such failures, the problem elements can be directly replaced with new ones.


Of course, not all electronic components can be observed with the naked eye, such as the resistors, capacitors, and the second transistor mentioned above. In some cases, the damage cannot be seen from the surface, and it requires a professional inspection tool for maintenance. Commonly used inspections include: multimeters, capacitance meters, etc. When it is detected that the voltage or current of an electronic component is not within the normal range, there is a problem with the component or the previous component, and the component can be directly replaced before inspection.


If the component is damaged, it can be detected either by the naked eye or the instrument. However, when the components are placed on the PCB board, there will be cases where no problem is detected but the circuit board cannot work normally. Many newcomers have no way of starting to deal with such problems. They can only re-do a board or buy a new board. In fact, in this case, most of the components in the installation process, due to the coordination of various components work, and there has been instability in performance.


In this case, the instrument has not been able to help, you can try to determine the scope of the fault by current and voltage, experienced engineers may be able to quickly determine the fault area, but which specific components can not be 100% determined damage. The only way is to try to replace the suspect components until you find the problem component. Once, a laptop motherboard into the water, when the master repaired also encountered no fault detection problems, and in the repair process to replace the three components, respectively, power supply chip, diode, USB charging components, and finally through multiple tests With the investigation and replacement of suspicious chips, it was finally determined that there was a short circuit on one side of the Southbridge chip.


The above are all problems of electronic components. Of course, the PCB circuit board as a component of the foothold, the circuit board failure is bound to exist, the simplest example is dead tinned parts. However, due to the manufacturing process, wire breakage may occur during PCB corrosion. In this case, if the line cannot be filled, it can only be solved with a thin copper wire.

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