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Superior cantilever contacting solution for high parallel QFP testing

Aug 09, 2018

New HD Kelvin Contactor passed evaluation for volume production
Rosenheim, Germany, July 2018: Xcerra’s new HD Kelvin contactor successfully passed a long term evaluation at a major IDM. The application deploys the HD Kelvin for a multisite Kelvin test of a QFP 100 package for the automotive market. Xcerra’s HD Kelvin fully supported the customer’s target to double the test sites and moreover significantly exceeded the customer’s expectation in terms of life span.

The small outline of Xcerra’s HD Kelvin make the typical advantages of a Cantilever architecture available for multisite test set-ups, which traditionally used spring probes. The Xcerra HD Kelvin ideally supported the customer’s target to double the test sites in his application while maintaining the self-cleaning effect and leveraging the high power capabilities of a Cantilever solution. With a proven yield of 96% the Xcerra solution allows the customer to double the output of the test cell.

Georg Trenker, Project Manager, explains: “During this evaluation our HD Kelvin contactor outperformed a major competitor in this QFP 100 test application. Not only have the electrical specifications been met, but the HD Kelvin has been providing a significantly long life span, which even exceeds our expectations. We have already passed the customer’s requirements for life span and the contactor is still providing reliable test yield without cleaning intervals or spring replacements. We look forward to additional opportunities to prove the performance of this Cantilever Kelvin solution, which we believe to be the smallest in the industry.”

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