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Talking about the Difference between LED Aluminum Board and Common PCB Board

May 14, 2018

The LED aluminum substrate is a kind of printed circuit board, which is printed on the plane of the aluminum material with relatively good thermal conductivity, and then the electronic components are soldered thereon.


PCB is the abbreviation of printed circuit board, LED aluminum substrate and FR-4 fiberglass circuit board belong to PCB. Compared with LED aluminum substrates and FR-4 glass fiber circuit boards, the difference of LED aluminum substrates is that it uses aluminum-based materials, and its thermal conductivity is much better than that of ordinary FR4 materials. Because the good heat dissipation of aluminum substrates is adapted to the requirements of many high-power electrical appliances, most aluminum substrates are currently used for the production of LED lighting fixtures. The FR-4 fiberglass circuit board is a traditional circuit board for electronic products, due to good insulation, corrosion resistance, compression, multi-layer printing and other characteristics, widely used in communications, automotive, medical, industrial control, security and other fields Are used.


The main considerations for the product quality of LED aluminum substrates are the material model, hardness, surface and thickness of aluminum materials, and the appropriate model size according to the heat output of the product. The FR-4 fiberglass circuit board is a mature product, and many of the LED display screens use FR-4 fiberglass circuit boards.


At present, three types of circuit boards are used in the field of lighting: FPC circuit boards for producing led flexible light bars, glass fiber boards for ordinary lighting products, and aluminum substrates for lighting products.

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