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The growth of PCB in China

May 08, 2018

The growth rate of China's PCB industry is slightly higher than that of the global PCB industry. Prismark expects China's PCB industry to grow by about 9.6% in 2017, and its compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2022 will be about 3.7%. The global PCB industry is shifting to Asia, especially mainland China. Prismark expects that the 2017 annual output value of PCB industry in mainland China will account for approximately 50.5% of the global 2017 production value, while Taiwan, South Korea and other Asian regions will be on the back.

PCB in mainland China has a relatively mature industrial chain and national policies are conducive to industrial development. The national "13th Five-Year Plan" points out that we must speed up the construction of a new generation of high-speed, mobile, and secure information infrastructure, whether it is in-depth popularization of high-speed wireless networks, new energy vehicles, active promotion of intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and fifth-generation mobile communications ( 5G) and UWB related technology research, or the layout of the future network architecture, technology system and security system are inseparable from PCB products, so the Chinese PCB industry's internal growth momentum is still significant.

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