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The inspections that PCBs need to do after designing

May 03, 2018

The manufacturing industry, do process designers need to check the design results after designing the PCB? The answer is yes, and there are more than one check.


The first is the DRC inspection. DRC inspection, also known as design rule checking, is a design used in the PCB design software (EDA) to check and discover in real time during a PCB Layout process that it does not conform to a predetermined design specification. It is an indispensable part of PCB design to ensure the correctness of the design and meet the requirements of the conventional design specification. Based on the role and purpose of the DRC, its inspection items generally do not exceed 100 inspection items.


he second is the DFM check. DFM inspection is also referred to as manufacturability design analysis. It is based on PCB design data to simulate the real three-dimensional component model and actual manufacturing process. Before the manufacturing, PCB and PCBA are fully reviewed for manufacturability design. The design defect is discovered at the first time. Inadequacies, process difficulties, manufacturing risks, mismatched design and process factors, etc. ensure that the design and process capabilities are fully matched, and the number of trial productions is substantially reduced, production costs are saved, and product reliability is improved.


These two kinds of inspections are different tests designed at different stages and are indispensable. DRC is a PCB design software used to ensure that it does not violate its own design specifications (constraints). Meeting DRC inspections is the most basic requirement for PCB design. Meeting DRC does not necessarily meet the manufacturability requirements. DFM is a bridge between PCB design and manufacturing process. It belongs to the process design category, through which you can find the mismatch factors of design and manufacturing processes, evaluate the manufacturing difficulty, manufacturing risk, etc. These are all DRCs in PCB design software covered.


There is no conflict between the DFM itself and the DRC check. The two solutions have different problems, different stages, and different final goals. So, the difference is also very obvious.


Therefore, in the post-PCB design inspection, different inspections should be conducted at different stages to ensure that the product achieves the desired results.

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