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Use and interpretation of PCB industry terminology

Jun 09, 2018


These guidelines list the best ways to reduce the cost of circuit boards and minimize the risk of errors in the manufacturing process.Not all possible PCB design features are available for all our services.See our service overview for more details.In certain functions, we emphasize usability in certain services.

The world is divided into parts that work with the metric system and parts that define measurements with the imperial system.So this is 25.4 times smaller than the Mil.The size of electronic products has been shrinking.To ensure the highest quality, we decided years ago to specialize in metric systems in the front-end department.Therefore, this document and all measurements given in our website are based on a metric system.All the values of the empire were for clarification and general understanding.

There is no universal consensus in terms in the global PCB industry, so if we feel that any of the terms we use may not be clear, we try to explain it when it first appears.

Input data format

The acceptable data format of PCB layout data is:


Gerber version 2 (or Gerber X2) or Gerber version 1 (or Geber X1).All the Gerber specifications come from the format of the Ucamco NV owner.

DPF (dynamic process format - developed by Ucamco NV)

Eagle.BRD document (CAD data from CADsoft now Premier Farnell)

Process means all copper layers, soldering layer and legend layer, circuit board profile or mechanical layer, SMD solder paste layer, carbon layer, peel layer, etc.


Excellon (1 or 2) + a list of appropriate tools (ideal embedding)

Sieb&Meyer + an appropriate toollist (ideal embedding)

Geber format (only real drill data, not drill charts)

DPF (only real borehole data, not a drilling map).


Please provide only ASCII encoded files.These files are readable so that our engineers can visually inspect them as needed during data preparation.So we don't accept forms like EIA or EBCDIC.We prefer the gable X2.

We do not accept original CAD PCB design data other than EAGLE or KiCAD.

1. The conversion of CAD data to production data may lead to errors, and we cannot conduct cross-check.2. It is impossible to obtain legal copies of each CAD PCB design package on the market and the necessary knowledge to use them properly.Since designers don't all use the same software version, we also need a complete set of updates.

Gerber was clear.For years, it has been the industry standard format for PCB manufacturing.Each PCB design package can output Gerber data, which is described in your CAD PCB design package manual or help file.


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