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What are the benefits of using precious metals such as gold and silver on PCBs

Jun 06, 2018

The color is clear, and then talk about the precious metals on the PCB! When some manufacturers advertise their products, they will specifically mention that their products use special techniques such as gold plating and silver plating. What is the use of this process?


The surface of the PCB needs to be soldered, requiring a portion of the copper layer to be exposed for soldering. These exposed copper layers are called pads. The pads are generally rectangular or round and have a small area. In the above, we know that the copper used in the PCB is extremely oxidized. Therefore, after soldering the solder mask, the only copper exposed is the pad. If the copper on the pad is oxidized, not only is it difficult to solder, but also the resistivity greatly increases, seriously affecting the final product performance. Therefore, engineers have come up with a variety of ways to protect the pad. For example, it is coated with inert metal gold, or a layer of silver is covered by a chemical process on the surface, or a special chemical film is used to cover the copper layer to prevent the contact between the pad and the air.

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