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What Are the Different Types of Arduino® Robots?

Sep 14, 2017

Arduino® programmers and hobbyists have created an array of inventions, including robots, that can be found on the Internet. There are many different kinds of Arduino® robots that can be built and assembled using Arduino® technology and parts. Many websites, including the Arduino® website, show how a robot may be assembled and which parts are needed. To operate this kind of robot, an Arduino® interface is needed, and as is some open source software. Arduino® kits can also be purchased for building Arduino® robots.

One kind of Arduino® robot is an Asuro® robot, and assembling this kind of robot requires accessing the main PCB, or the large board of the robot, and removing the IR transmitter. Its oscillator does not have polarity and can be put in the robot any way. The ATmega8 is removed from the Asuro® board and replaced with an ATmega8 from an Arduino® board. This allows Arduino® software to be uploaded to the board; the ATmega8 from Asuro® must be removed because it has protocols set up which will not allow Arduino® software to be uploaded. An Asuro® robot must also have its file preferences configured so that it will run at Arduino® speeds to keep consistency between the hardware and the software.

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