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What Is Parasitic Capacitance

Jul 17, 2017

Parasitic capacitance, in electrical circuits, is the extra effect of conductors that serve as plates between a dielectric, which is usually air. It becomes a problem with higher frequencies because the very small distributed capacitances that exist will have lower impedances at these frequencies. This effect can be addressed at circuit design stage, where positioning of components may decrease the effects to a point where satisfactory operation is attainable.

Capacitors are available as lumped or distributed components. As lumped components, these capacitors are deemed as confined to certain components; for distributed capacitance, there is a need for planning in component and circuit design. When an inductor is manufactured, there is always a distributed capacitance involved; this may be considered a parasitic capacitance. An ideal inductor will have zero distributed capacitance; therefore, it will resonate at a frequency in the vicinity of infinity. It is well-known that most inductors will have a non-infinite resonant frequency due to the distributed capacitance of the winding that leads to a measurable resonant frequency.

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