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What is the difference between OLED and LED? Who has the most market

Apr 10, 2018

Since the emergence of OLED has been recognized by everyone in a short time, but many people do not know what is the difference between LED and OLED? LED display has high brightness and large screen display, high brightness, long life, and job stability. However, some people think that he is still less promising than the late OLED screen.


In recent years, the development of OLED in the display area can be said to be a booming trend, and the exposure rate is getting higher and higher, which makes more and more consumers pay attention to this display technology. Many people think that there is an inevitable link between OLED and LED, but it is not. Although LED and OLED differ only by one letter, their imaging techniques are completely different.


LED screens are very common in our daily lives, and the large screens of various stages are made of LEDs. LED is a set of micro-electronics technology, computer technology, information processing in one, with its colorful, dynamic range, high brightness, long life, reliable and reliable work, etc., is also the most advantageous public display media.


The main advantages of LED display are its high brightness and large screen display


The main advantages of LED display are its high brightness and large screen display, which can meet the needs of outdoor all-weather and full-color display. LED display can be assembled into various structures according to the pixel size, small pixel diameter is generally less than 5mm, full color display requires 3 T-1 red, green, blue lights, or a multi-chip T-1 (3/ 4) LED lights as a pixel.


OLEDs, also known as organic light-emitting diodes, are now the display industry's hottest display technology and may replace LCDs in the future. OLEDs have self-illumination, do not need backlight, high contrast, uniform image quality, wide viewing angle, fast response, and conform to the principle of short intelligence. They are very suitable for small and medium size panels. Currently, they are used in mobile phones, wearable products, VR and other fields. It has been widely recognized.


OLED color is better than LED


However, with the innovation of technology, today's OLEDs have begun to develop in the field of large screens. At the same time, OLEDs are all solid-state, non-vacuum devices, which have the characteristics of anti-shock and low-temperature resistance, and also have important applications in the military. In the past two years, due to the booming and rapid development of the smart phone and tablet market, the newly added OLED has also had its own space to play, and the future market size is immeasurable.


OLED's future market size is limitless


Generally speaking, LED is controlled by the semiconductor light-emitting diode display, usually a plurality of red light-emitting diodes, relying on the light to destroy the dominant display, in order to achieve image and other signal display. The OLED emits light through the current-driven organic thin film itself. The emitted light can be monochromatic with red, green, blue, white, etc., thereby achieving the full-color effect, and belongs to a new lighting principle.

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