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What production equipment is needed to open a multilayer PCB factory?

Oct 30, 2018

The manufacture of the circuit board is a complicated process, which basically requires the corresponding equipment to be processed in each production link, requiring a lot of energy and cost.

I. PCB production process is shown in the following figure (multi-layer board)


2. In the process of PCB production, the following production equipment is required:

1. Engineering production --- light painting machine, film exposure machine

2. Opening of materials -- -- opening machine, oven for baking sheet

3. Lamination -- Browning production line, laminating machine and plate grinder

4. Drilling -- -- numerical control drill

5. Plate grinder --- plate grinder

6. Metallized hole (PTH)-- chemical copper production line (copper sinking line)

7. Graphics transfer -- film sticking machine, UV exposure machine or LDI

8. Pattern electroplating -- electroplating production line

9. Dry (wet) film -- production line of film

10. Pattern etching -- etching production line

11. Soldering layer production -- screen printing machine, UV exposure machine or LDI

12. Baking and curing -- oven, tunnel oven

Surface treatment -OSP line or chemical nickel gold line, chemical nickel palladium line

14. Molding --- punch press or CNC gongs bed, cutting machine

14. Testing --- electric measuring machine, AOI, 3DAOI.

A good PCB board has a great relationship with the production equipment of the PCB factory, especially some difficult boards have higher requirements on the equipment.

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