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What’s called HDI board?

Aug 03, 2018

HDI is called high-density interconnected printed circuit board. Its main feature is to carry more devices and achieve more functions in the smallest possible area.

HDI requires ultra-high wiring density to minimize the footprint of the motherboard inside the smartphone. HDI is made by stacking layers of common core plates, and it is necessary to realize the connection between any layers by drilling, in-hole plating and the like. Therefore, HDI needs to be as thin and multi-layered as possible to greatly increase the density of components and save the wiring area required for PCBs. The HDI can be classified into first-order HDI, second-order HDI, high-order HDI, etc. according to the number of adjacent layers directly connected through the blind holes. HDI laser drilling, plating hole plugs and other processes are more difficult and have higher added value.

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