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What will C2B turn into a business?

Jun 27, 2018

In the Consumer-to-business (C2B) era, consumers are no longer passive recipients of products, but are product appraisers and value creators. What role will the company become? How will the definition of the company be rewritten? Drucker was still thinking about these issues at the age of 95. "We are at a critical moment in the transformation from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy. Enterprises and organizations need to be redefined. Otherwise, they will escape like dinosaurs. Destruction."


Each of us is best able to have 17 friends, lawyers, police officers, doctors, etc.,” explains Wu Fengsong, general manager of Haier's Shijiazhuang Meishang Outlet Store. The number 17 is what he thinks of in a magazine. It feels reasonable and is therefore committed to turning Meishang into one of its 17 friends. “We are friends in their home appliances circle. Some of his colleagues have already reached such an initial level, they do not have to go to sell their products but to help their friends, and the value recognition and trust they receive have brought them a steady stream of business.

Wu Fengsong, who has been active in the market for a long time, believes that “when consumers have the initiative, businesses and consumers can no longer just buy and sell relationships as they have done in the past. Businesses can only gain the trust of customers by creating value for their customers. And stick it to customers."

Wu Fengsong’s position on his own company coincides with the view of Hu Yong, an associate professor of the School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University. “In the era when consumers control the right to speak, the first thing a company needs to do is to figure out what to spend. People do better than businesses do for them. If the answer is 'all things', then the good days of the business will come to an end; but if the answer is 'with your help, consumers may do better' , then companies must start thinking about how to help customers." Hu Yong predicts that perhaps the future of the company is like a function block in people's lives. When it is needed, it will be used and used. When not in use, it will be silent. Dispersed around people. "Perhaps the company will return to the form of the wife and wife shop in that community, become a part of the community, and everyone knows them. They don't need to sell anything to people."

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