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Why are most PCB boards green

Apr 05, 2018

The green color is solder mask ink, English is called solder mask, and the main components are resin, talcum powder, and pigments. Currently on the market are the famous Japanese solar taiyo, Taiwan Nanya resin, Taiwan Changxing Chemical, Taiwan Yongshengtai ink, etc. Generally 60 to 120 yuan / kg; of course, there are other colors, such as red, yellow, black, etc., green is the most widely used.


The answer to this question (why is the circuit board mostly green?) is the following:


Viewpoint 1. In general, the entire electronic board products must go through the process of making boards and posts. There are several processes in the board making process that go through the yellow room. The visual effect of green in the yellow room is better. But this is not the main thing.


During SMT soldering, the upper tin and posts and the final AOI calibration are required. These processes all require optical alignment and calibration. The green background has a better recognition effect on the instrument.


Point of view 2. Common red, yellow, green, blue and black. Due to process problems, many lines of inspection are still depending on the worker's eyes (of course, most of them use flying probes for testing now). This is a very tiring job. Green is relatively the most eye-friendly.


So most use green.


Point of view 3, blue and black are because they are doped with cobalt and carbon, respectively, have a certain degree of conductivity, so there is a risk of short circuit, green PCB is more environmentally friendly, will not release toxic gases when used in high temperature environment.


Viewpoint 4, from about 2007, people began to pay attention to the color of the PCB board, mainly because the high-end board of Asustek MSI these first-tier manufacturers have adopted a black PCB board color design, so people slowly think that PCB color Black is definitely high-end. Since then, more and more manufacturers have begun to use black PCB coating - it can be said that a strange reason has caused such a baffling phenomenon. No one has ever said that the PCB color is black to represent the quality of the motherboard. It is entirely due to the misleading product identification caused by the first-line brands using black to identify product positioning. It is true that black PCBs are indeed capable of demonstrating their own technological capabilities, because black PCBs are the least visible traces. Therefore, both design and after-sales services will be subject to unprecedented cost pressure, while the technically strong board manufacturers use black PCBs. Color tone is not because of the black can enhance the performance of the motherboard, from a rational analysis point of view know that color alone can not improve the performance of the board.


Point of view 5, no reason, but it has been used.


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