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Why is the copper thickness in the PCB board an ounce?

Aug 27, 2018

The first thing to note is that ounces (OZ) are themselves a unit of weight. The conversion formula for ounces and grams (g) is: 1OZ 28.35g.


In the PCB industry, 1OZ means the thickness of a 1OZ piece of copper uniformly spread over an area of 1 square foot (FT2). It is the weight per unit area used to represent the average thickness of the copper foil. Expressed by the formula, 1OZ = 28.35g / FT2 (FT2 is square feet, 1 square foot = 0.909290304 square meters).

Specifically, it can also be said that the thickness and the conversion method are as follows:

First, we know that the density constant of copper and the relevant unit conversion formula are as follows:

The density of copper ρ=8.9g/cm3

1 cm (cm) = 10 mm (mm); 1 mm (mm) = 1000 μm (um)


1 FT2929.0304cm2


According to the mass calculation formula m = ρ × V (volume) = ρ × S (area) × t (thickness), knowing the weight of the copper foil divided by the density and area of the copper is the thickness of the copper foil!

As is also known from the foregoing, 1OZ = t × 929.0304cm2 × 8.9g / cm3 = 28.35g

Therefore, t=28.35÷929.0304÷8.9cm0.0034287cm=34.287um34.287÷25.4mil1.35mil

It can be seen that the thickness of the 1OZ copper foil is about 35 um or 1.35 mil.

Copper thickness 1.OZ (0.035mm) Copper thickness 1.5OZ (0.05mm) Copper thickness 2.OZ (0.07mm)

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