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Zhuhai temporarily limited production for key industrial enterprises!

Dec 27, 2017

Zhuhai temporarily limited production for key industrial enterprises!Zhuhai PCB industry will be affected

The battle of the blue sky is beginning!

On 26th December , zhuhai municipal people's government issued the zhuhai municipal people's government on 26-29 December , 2017 the implementation of pollution weather response "notice, notice said, according to the provincial environmental protection bureau and the provincial meteorological bureau forecast, 26 December 2017-29, there will be a mild to moderate in the pearl river delta regional pollution process.

In order to cope with the pollution, they will implement the following measures on December 26-29, 2017: limited production limit for key industrial enterprises (30% of the limit of production limit for air pollutant discharge);

To the VOC key enterprises to enforce 30% limit;

Suspension of projects under construction;

Limit cars and other emergency measures.

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