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5G Commercial Pushes PCB Explosion

Aug 07, 2018

As the basic material of electronic products, PCB is the mother of electronic products, and it has a wide demand market. Its application fields include communication, computer, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, etc. Among them, communication and computer are the largest application sections of PCB, accounting for the majority. Over 25%.


The current 5G era is gradually approaching, and will enter commercial use in 2019 and will be officially commercialized in 2020. It is reported that 5G application scenarios require higher connection speed, delay, and connection density. 5G radio will introduce Massive MIMO (large-scale antenna array) technology, which requires a wider spectrum and wider bandwidth of millimeter wave band. Communication.


Compared with the number of base stations of the million-level base station in the 4G era, the development of millimeter wave will push the scale of base stations in the 5G era to exceed tens of millions. It can be foreseen that with the gradual arrival of the 5G full-commercial era, the mass construction and upgrading of communication base stations will create a huge demand for high-frequency and high-speed boards such as PCBs, and PCB will meet the needs of a new round of upgrade and replacement.


Considering the number of base stations and the value of a single base station, it is estimated that the market space brought by the 5G base station to the PCB is 4-5 times that of 4G.


At the same time, 5G networks will carry more bandwidth traffic, and investment in routers, switches, IDCs, etc. will increase, and the demand for high-speed PCB/CCL will also increase significantly. In addition to the increase in demand, high-performance equipment will use high-frequency (antenna) high-speed (IDC / base station) board materials with higher added value, and will also bring double value added and consumption of PCB / CCL industry chain.


According to the data, thanks to the large increase in demand, the global printed circuit board industry is accelerating growth, and the domestic industry is growing faster. According to Prismark, the global PCB production value in 2017 was 58.843 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.6%; of which, China's PCB output value was 29.732 billion US dollars, an increase of 9.9%.


Prismark predicts that from the structural upgrades and incremental demand in the communications, computer, consumer electronics and automotive electronics sectors, the growth rate of global smartphone PCB and automotive PCB production will reach 5%-8% in 2016-2021. In other areas of PCB production growth rate, PCB uplink period will last for about 7 years, by 2021, China's PCB industry output value will exceed 50 billion US dollars.


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