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Analysis On The Development Prospect Of Automotive PCB Industry In China In 2018

Jul 16, 2018

The government's support for new energy vehicles has been strengthened, which has promoted the explosive growth of new energy vehicles. It will increase the demand for electric power control system and become a new growth point of automotive electronics.On the other hand, the maturity of autonomous driving technology in the future will greatly promote the improvement of electronic security system.In 2017, the global auto electronic is worth $230 billion, is expected to reach $250 billion in 2018, up 8.7% from a year earlier, and the next two years China automobile electronic scale is expected to expand by 14.8% and 16.1%, far higher than global level, a very broad market space.From 2015 to 2020, the CAGR of automotive electronics is 5.86%, which is significantly higher than the downstream growth rate of computers and communication equipment.


From ADAS to automatic driving, car electronic permeability will increase ADAS system using algorithm integrated cameras, radar sensors so as to obtain the information analysis, to achieve the objective of the auxiliary driving, enhance driving comfort and safety.PCB is involved in the four systems of power control system, safety control system, body electronic system and entertainment communication.


The PCB value of a bicycle ranges from 400 yuan to 2000 yuan.On-board PCB needs to be 2-6 laminated mainly.PCB in the electronic device costs accounted for about 2%, on average every traditional car of PCB dosage is 1 square metre about, $60, the dosage of the high-end models in 2-3 square meters, worth about $120 to $130.In new energy vehicles, new the corresponding BMS, VCU, MCU, the BMS generally adopt stability better sandwich plate, single high value than other circuit boards, use area based on the design change different, area of about 3-5 square meters should be used in car, thus the PCB bike value of new energy vehicles can be as high as 2000 yuan.



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