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Another Major Circuit Board Project Settled In Xinfeng, Jiangxi.

Apr 03, 2018

On the morning of March 29, in xinfeng county, ganzhou of jiangxi province, the signing ceremony of the major project of March 2018 was held, and five projects were signed, with a total investment of 13.7 billion yuan.

These five projects are COF package board, LCP board and high-frequency material project invested by Shanghai antero technology co., LTD.

The project of the new material industrial park of the new material of the investment of shenzhen meilan innovative technology co., LTD.

Shenzhen Nikko optical group co., LTD.

Shenzhen fuxiang technology co., ltd. and shenzhen zhongluo electronic co., LTD. Jointly invested in the high precision multilayer circuit board manufacturing project;

Ganzhou yinlong orbital co., ltd. invested in the annual production of 50,000 high-speed rail tracks.

Among them, the resultant force Thai upstream and downstream related projects with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, and fixed investment 3 billion yuan of associating COF package packaging board, LCP plate and high frequency materials project, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, about 3 billion yuan of platinum force new material industrial park projects, a total investment of 2 billion yuan, solid line 1.16 billion ganjitsu photoelectric information industry park project and a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, solid investment 800 million yuan fu xiang high-precision multi-layer circuit board manufacturing project signing to the ground, effectively promote the xinfeng county around the first electronic information industry, speed up the formation of intelligent equipment manufacturing, electronic new materials, circuit boards, intelligent module four electronic information manufacturing industry cluster, accelerate rendering carrier enterprise with a good situation for driving the development of industrial clusters.

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