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Apple Is Heard To Give Up RFPCB

May 14, 2018

According to South Korea the herald reports, Apple has decided to use more affordable, more advanced Flexible Circuit Board (Multi-Flexible Printed Circuit Board, Multi-FPCB) in a forthcoming iPhone's OLED screen instead of Rigid Flexible Printed Circuit Board (RFPCB) .

RFPCB is the key component for iPhone X to connect the screen and chip. The new iPhone, due to be released in September, is likely to use multi-fpcb for touch screens, which should be linked to price and production benefits.

Currently, three south Korean PCB manufacturers (LG Innotek, Interflex and Youngpoong Electronics) supply RFPCB. But Apple had previously faced production problems related to RFPCB. Before the launch of the iPhone X, a Taiwanese supplier was removed from the list for failing to meet quality standards.

RFPCB module connection error is also regarded as the key reason behind the so-called "freeze" screen of iPhone X , what caused iPhone X OLED screen no response in the cold weather. Apple has launched an extensive investigation into this, causing some parts factories to suspend production.

It is unclear whether apple intends to order multi-fpcb from existing suppliers, add new suppliers or replace them entirely.

One south Korean manufacturer of PCB said it had considered supplying the multi-fpcb circuit board to apple, but later gave up because of the price.

Apple plans to launch three new iphones this year, one equiped with LCD and two with OLED. Apple are developing two 5.85 "and 6.46'' OLED displays with samsung Display.

(Source: new technology news)

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