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Apple's New OLED IPhone Has Decided To Reduce Its Use Of RFPCB

Apr 18, 2018

According to sources, the next new OLED iPhone has decided to reduce the use of Rigid-Flex boards (RFPCB), will use cheaper and less advanced multi-layer flexible printed circuit board (multi - FPCB) to replace.


South Korean website “The Investor” reports, RFPCB is connected to The iPhone X embedded chip and panel key parts, and due to be published in September of The new OLED iPhone touch panel may adopt multi-layer flexible printed circuit board, most is price and production factors into consideration.


Now South Korea's three major manufacturers of printed circuit board (PCB), namely, LG Innotek, Interflex and yongfeng electronic supply RFPCB, but Apple Inc also faces a series of problems for using RFPCB early, before the iPhone launch X, for example, a PCB factory in Taiwan, as did not meet quality standards then did not win the order.


The key reason for the iPhone X's previous cold days was the connection of the RFPCB module, which led to a massive investigation and a short shutdown of several parts suppliers.


It remains to be seen whether Apple will require existing suppliers to switch to multilayer soft printed circuit boards, or to increase supplies, or to replace suppliers directly. A PCB vendor in South Korea said it had previously considered offering multiple layers of soft printed circuit boards to Apple, but that the price was too low.


This year, Apple will release three new iPhones, one LCD and two OLED iPhones, and 5. 85 inchand 6.46 inch OLED panels are supplied by samsung's display (SDI).

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