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Apple's PCB Supply Chain Is Expected To Challenge New Highs In The Second Half Of The Year

Aug 02, 2018

Apple's PCB supply chain is booming this quarter, and inspection equipment vendors and soft copper foil substrates (FCCL) are in sync with glass fiber materials. The industry is optimistic, the soft board factory Tai County, Yu Ding-KY is expected to challenge the new high in the second half of this year, Tai County will earn more than one share this year, and drive the performance of the surrounding industry chain.


The global PCB proofing service provider Jieduobang learned that the new Apple machine will benefit from the launch of the new main board supplier. Tai County and Yuding are optimistic about the operation all the way to the end of the year. With the demand of relevant new applications, the demand for related materials is also in sync with the peak season. Beyond the soft board factory, Apple's full-line hard-board supplier Huatong and IC carrier board Jingshuo are also expected to reflect the demand for terminal demand.


According to Jeddah, the Taiwan market's largest FCCL factory, Taihong, and the AOI equipment supplier, Mud, and the soft board factory, Taiwan, will hold a legal meeting next week. Taihong and Mude will be synchronized next Tuesday ( On the 24th, Taichung County held a telephone law conference next Thursday (26th), and the industry hopes to further release positive views and establish confidence in the growth of the traditional peak season.




Jieduobang learned from analysts that analysts are optimistic. Taihong’s electronic materials performance in the third quarter of this year is expected to challenge new highs, mainly because the penetration rate of supply Taiwanese and Japanese soft board manufacturers continues to increase, helping antenna modules and wisdom. The market share of machine materials increased.


Jeddah learned from Taichung County that the legal person expects this year's profit to be better than last year, mainly due to the increased penetration rate of soft board and more communication software from Apple's flagship dual SIM card, and the profit per share is expected to surpass one. Equity, and is expected to challenge the new peak in the fourth quarter of this year after operating double-digit growth in the third quarter.


According to reports, Apple will hold an investor conference on the 31st of the US East. The industry is closely watching the iPhone's new focus on Apple's PCB supply chain and materials suppliers.


According to Jieduobang, due to the fairly stable supply of apples, the equipment manufacturers first felt that the off-season was not weak, and further cooperated with the needs of the major manufacturers in the traditional peak season from July, copper foil substrates and soft copper foil substrates, electronic grade glass fiber. Supplier mobilization, in which the PCB upstream fiberglass factory has completed the 5G high-end glass fiber gauze related certification, and the high-order smart machine with ultra-fine sand in advance.

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