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Apr 05, 2018

In February, the samsung VD Members' annual global supplier conference, Mr James kang technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Mr Kang) to" samsung electronics global 25 strategic suppliers "honour to be invited to the conference, and become the won the samsung electronics" strategy of PCB supplier "crown only a Chinese PCB enterprise.


On April 1, 2017, osakon signed the contract at the first session of the "yiyang" symposium on the construction of yiyang.

Today, it is nearly a year since the project was signed.

Challenge this time, Mr. Kang, won the 2017 national electronic information industry outstanding enterprises in the commendation congress "most social responsibility of enterprises" title, and on December 1, 2017, listed in shenzhen stock exchange successful blew the horn that continue to move forward.

The yiyang people who work in oshikang.

The strength of the strong oscon is full of energy.

The company was founded in May 2001, with a total assets of about 2.9 billion yuan and about 3,500 employees (2,200 people in yiyang division).

It has two major manufacturing bases in yiyang, hunan and huizhou, guangdong, and the two major trading companies of oscon technology (Hong Kong) co., LTD., Austin international co., LTD.

Mr And kang has created "a design, manufacture, both global delivery" management pattern, the total design plan in PCB production capacity reached 6.2 million square meters, products are exported to Japan, South Korea, European and American market.

This is a high-tech enterprise, mainly produces high density interconnected circuit board (PCB board), since 2009 in yiyang investment, after eight years of rapid development.

At present, the important clients of oshikang include more than 20 fortune 500 companies including dell, asus, lenovo, etc.

He also cooperated with changsha university of science and technology and university of electronic science and technology to introduce talents and promote cooperation in production and research.

In 2017, the company has implemented 100 patent application plans, and the sales revenue of new products is more than 50% of the annual output value.

In this year, the company invested 39 million yuan, accounting for more than 3% of the company's sales revenue. Currently, there are 18 effective invention patents and 80 utility model patents.

This is a talent strong enterprise, Mr Kang's plan "to" the peacock flies to the north, the pearl river delta region has the complete PCB industry chain, gathered a batch of long engaged in printed circuit board industry professionals and skilled workers.

Since 2016, the construction of the "new craftsman" system has been started, and more than 800 skilled craftsmen have been trained.

At present, the senior management personnel of oshikang are basically participating in the MBA study, and nearly 100 people have participated in the examination and assessment of various professional and technical titles.

6 layers rigid pcb2 (1).jpg

In 2016.

The annual output value of the company is 1.312 billion yuan, and the annual output value of the company is about 1.75 billion yuan in 2017. Yiyang company has completed the tax revenue of 78 million yuan.

In the intelligent production room, there are few staff.

Hometown feelings for yiyang construction contributed a strength.

There are more than 2,200 employees in yiyang, a company in Austin, where 70 percent of them are yiyang locals.

According to zhou guanghua, chief executive, the company also recruited more than 10 local disabled people to help them find jobs.

In the eyes of the many people from yiyang in oshikang, the yiyang people who are struggling in the field of development, no matter how successful they are, still have their roots in yiyang.

In particular, the company is now establishing yiyang company, which will contribute to the construction of yiyang.

The settlement of the locals is undoubtedly a boon to the people.

Zhou said that the development of oshikang is inseparable from social support.

Mr Kang and also followed the development of yiyang in time, in the project contract this year, Mr Kang to the chamber of commerce and precise poverty alleviation the compassion to donate a number of public welfare funds, do a good job in their own development but also pay attention to feedback society, and make use of its own resources courtesy of social construction of yiyang city in all fields.

Is understood, since Mr Kang to city federation of industry and commerce (general chamber of commerce) in hand since the public welfare undertakings, a total of caring donation of 1.4 million yuan, from poor families, poor students more than 60 units, 2.6 million yuan power all social public welfare undertakings.

In the future, he will always fulfill the corporate social responsibility and support the public welfare development of yiyang.

After signing the cooperation project, oscom also took into account the change of the company's center of mass transfer, and adjusted the project to plan to invest a total of 2.5 billion square meters in the annual production of 800,000 square meters.

Guang-hua zhou, in the face of the future of science and technology innovation and development, the people also in to improve the efficiency to reduce costs, the intelligent production, patent and technical reserves, and industry plan within five years, Mr James kang construction into intelligent, digital and modern factories.

Zhou guanghua also said that he hoped to be a solid enterprise, for the construction of yiyang to make a part of the efforts of oshikang!

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