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Mar 29, 2018

After 17 years of CPCA grassroots research and expert interviews, this year we again organized visits and visits to CPCA 2018. We also compiled five thematic sharing transcripts from leaders of industry leading companies and industry experts, including a lot of dry goods information. We are optimistic about the future prosperity of the copper clad laminates and PCBs, and the industry leader in the promotion of concentration and 5G/smart car trends. We will be the first to pick up the leading copper clad technology, laser equipment leading Han's laser, and focus on Shennan Circuits and Views. Wang Electronics, Sheng Hong Technology, Chong Da Technology PCB industry leader.

Copper Clad Board Industry: The trend of industry concentration towards quality leading suppliers is obvious. 5G, automotive and other fields are important growth points. We conducted interviews with leaders, technical experts, and on-site sales personnel of leading companies such as Shengyi Technology, South Asia Plastics/Shanghai Nanya, Jianye Group, Huazheng Xincai, and Jinan Guoji. The large-scale PCB company's customer-oriented CCL company said that the current orders are sufficient, while the differentiation of customers in the downstream PCB industry led to the material supply chain to the leading concentration.

The company's copper clad lead company continues to demonstrate its product and technology reserves in 5G, automotive and other fields. In addition, we compiled a summary of experts from the South Asia Plastics Co., Ltd. to share the minutes of the “Application of High Frequency Copper Clad Laminates in 5G and Millimeter Waves”, among which are many dry cargo information, which also validated many of the judgments in our in-depth reports.

PCB industry: The new demand from Apple and Bitcoin mining machines prompted the industry to have a higher growth in the industry in the past 17 years than in the previous years. We compiled the themes shared by Prismark Jiang, the authoritative organization for PCB research, and Chairman of the CPCA Association/Shennan Circuit, Mr. Jiang Lei, and the A-share leading companies such as Shennan Circuit, Jingwang Electronics, Shenghong Technology and Shengda Technology. On-site sales and responsible persons conducted interviews.

According to the chairman of the Board of Directors of radium, the growth of the PCB industry in the year 17 has reached a level of 9.6% year-on-year, which is a significant increase from the level of 3.6% expected at the beginning of 17 years. PCB manufacturers have the fastest growth rate, and the largest is Evergrande. The growth rate of equipment and materials manufacturers is much higher than that of PCB manufacturers. Dr. Ginger Prismark believes that growth is mainly driven by the needs of Apple and Bitcoin mining machines. President Lei believes that 5G and smart factories will be the next frontier for PCBs. 5G's high density, high-speed and high-frequency will bring new potential to the industry, and in 2020 it is expected to see the initial formation of intelligent or highly automated. Business.

PCB equipment is the latest star sub-sector of the industry chain. Several companies of PCB equipment, such as Han NC, Zhengye Technology, etc., are particularly prominent in CPCA this year. Han's CNC sales staff said that the company's laser drilling machines sell particularly well. Other companies such as Zhengye Science and Technology also received very good orders at the exhibition site. Before this, we emphasized that the PCB business of Han's laser is expected to surpass market expectations and it has also been verified in CPCA.

Investment Advice. The company's main business benefited from the continuation of industry prosperity and downstream concentration, and the new business of 5G high-frequency high-speed, package carrier substrate and FCCL is expected to achieve substantial progress this year. Confirmed in the CPCA grassroots research; continue to push forward Han's laser, the company's apple business is expected to grow in the small year, and high-power, PCB, new energy, panel, LED and other non-Apple businesses continue to grow rapidly, of which the PCB business is expected to become this year. Super-predicted star business. In addition, we recommend to focus on PCB quality leaders who benefit from increased industry concentration, automation and smart manufacturing upgrades such as Shennan Circuit, Jingwang Electronics, Shenghong Technology and Shengda Technology.

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