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Current Situation Of Pcb Industry

May 04, 2018

The output value of the global pcb industry accounts for more than 1/4 of the total output value of the electronic component industry. It is the largest one of the electronic component subdivision industries, with an industrial scale of 40 billion US dollars.From the perspective of output composition, the main products of China's PCB industry have been changed from single-sided and double-sided to multi-layer boards, and are being upgraded from 4 to 6 floors to 6 to 8 floors. With the rapid growth of multilayer boards, HDI boards, and flexible boards, the PCB industry structure in China is gradually being optimized and improved.

The downstream application distribution of pcb industry in China is shown below.The proportion of consumer electronics was the highest, with 39 percent; computers with 2210 percent; communications with 14 percent; industrial control / medical instruments with 14 percent; automobile electronics with 6 percent; and national defense and aerospace with 5 percent.

Although China is now the first in the world in terms of industrial scale, it still lags behind the advanced level of the world in terms of the overall technological level of the pcb industry.In terms of product structure, multilayer boards account for most of the output value, but most of them are medium and low end products of less than 8 layers, flexible panels and so on have a certain scale, but there is a gap between the technology content and foreign advanced products such as Japan.The IC board with the highest technology content is less able to be produced in China.

China is a big producer of electronic circuits, but is far from a powerful producer. Compared with the developed countries of pcb industry, China still has a big gap.The PCB industry in China has maintained a high speed growth of about 20%, far higher than the growth rate of the global PCB industry.


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