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Due To The Effect Of Environmental Protection, The Cost Of Copper Foils Substrate Increased By 5-10%

Aug 02, 2018

Mainland limits of subsequent effect fast fermentation industry 4, according to relevant policy has hit not law-abiding second-line local factory, at present the local atmosphere and two years ago in TaiwanTaoyuan area began to attach importance to environmental protection situation, recycling machine factory for environmental protection mechanism has been mining height are broken specification production, relatively unaffected.

Mainland this year began on manufacture of many electronic and chemical materials, environmental auditing, industry, especially the new green taxes this year on the road, although the official to replace the discharge calculation is given priority to, although if a discharge may be charge by the authorities in the zone under green taxes fund, but the actual operation still need to waste disposal contractor related fees, so is equal to add a green taxes.

At least one wave of small and medium-sized PCB manufacturers on the mainland is facing a wave of closures this year due to high production costs and a crackdown by mainland officials on illegal waste water and gas producers.

In addition, the mainland expansion has place for manufacturers also new projects, investors believe, not achieved the economic scale of small and medium-sized local factory for more stressful, as a whole, local factory than Taiwanese factory really serious environmental problem.

Experts and scholars, for example, local requirements for related need expansion plans to issue the air pollution and waste is in accordance with the specification, whether energy saving carbon reduction to prevent water pollution, such as report, the expert's report shall be borne by vendors, theory of pricing, often tens of thousands of yuan, as well as develop system requirements to prevent operation damage, etc., are huge pressure to small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Under the effect of limited discharge, the price of copper foil substrate CCL increased by 5% to 10%

Mainland limits in PCB manufacturer production costs are higher, with the industrial season driving demand is strong, its index of mainland factory July shout copper foil substrate materials (CCL) offer 5% to ten percent, the price rise and peak season effect, photo electricity, league alum, Taiwan benefit Taiwan manufacturers such as synchronization.

CCL is also a key electronic material for the first time since the recent expansion of the mainland's emission limits. In terms of production situation, it is widely expected that CCL factory will clearly feel the terminal delivery demand in the third quarter of this year. Taioptoelectronics noted that the overall production line in July has been much busier than before, and there is also a need for overtime. As forLianmao, the quarterly growth target has been set and the direction has not changed.

It is reported that, including the world’s largest PCB production capacityJiantao group's Zhongxin laminate company, as well as Shandong Jinbao and other mainland PCB index factories, all reported in July upgrade of CCL news. Lu zi factory frankly, because environmental protection is becoming more stringent to raise the cost of production, the price must reflect the cost trend; Taiwan optoelectronics, Linmao 4 also pay close attention to the market development, maneuvering to respond to the price trend.

According to the faithful laminated plate and Shandong Jinbao, environmental factors make chemical raw material prices rising, for the production of stress relief, CCL will raise all thickness plate, price of 5 yuan, 10 yuan each. Industry observation, according to the average price of both low - and medium-end products, the brewing increase of about 5% to 10 %.

Considerations over the peak season 3 is consumer electronics manufacturing, field observation, PCB is the mother of electronic materials, involving the iPhone, etc. Series of higher-order flagship model production, including the application of PCB CCL under no other materials can be replaced; local companies began to promote the rise in price, and extend to high order sheet products, to Taiwan photoelectric coupling alum, Yao, Taiwanese related materials suppliers.

For local CCL shout, photoelectric thinks, if true, measure current mainland stricter environmental protection, do not rule out the local relevant CCL factory for thick plate low-end products prices, look from the current market situation, high acceptance. In addition, the HDI process is used for high-end mobile phones in the main attack of photo electricity, and this part of quotation is still determined by the demand of high season.

Because the owner of the Lu capital factory that circulates the price increase notice is the bulk product application, Lianmao mentioned yesterday, at present it seems that the same trade is selling the price increase information to test the water temperature, and the follow-up still depends on the supply and demand of the product.

Copper foil substrate (CCL) is a key material for PCB, and there is no other alternative material, accounting for more than 50% of PCB production costs. PCB has the reputation of "the mother of industry", and CCL, which ACTS as the key material of PCB, has also become the key to the circuit connection design of 3C electronic products.

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