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IPC Report Shows North American PCB Market Size and Domestic Production to Improve

Jul 02, 2018

June 5, 2018—Data from 《2018 North American PCB Industry Annual Report》 released last week by the IPC show that the PCB industry has improved in 2017 and has affected various segments.


There is an important data in the report. IPC's preliminary estimate of the North American PCB market size indicates that the industry growth rate in 2017 is close to 9 percentage points. Since the industry began to recover in 2010, 2017 has become the fastest growing year. Preliminary data on 2017 North American PCB production also showed strong growth in domestic production. Another noteworthy change can be seen in the market growth of rigid PCBs and flexible PCBs in 2017. Since 2011, rigid PCB market growth has exceeded the growth of flexible PCBs for the first time.


The military and aerospace markets still account for the largest share of North American PCB production, accounting for 40% of the companies participating in the survey. The market for medical equipment and industrial instruments has grown rapidly. In the field of flexible circuits, the sales of PCB samples have grown rapidly.


In 2017, the delivery time for all types of rigid PCBs has been steadily increasing, with an average increase of more than 35% during the year. In 2017, the utilization rate of flexible circuits is gradually increasing every quarter.


This report covers different product types, company size, and sales growth rate and order growth rate by product type, domestic production, division, eight vertical market sales share, model sales share, adoption of RF and embedded component technology The rigid PCB share, as well as other business data, includes capacity utilization, inventory turnover, rigid PCB and lead time for flexible PCB business. The report is based on data collected by the IPC North American PCB statistical research project. In this research project, companies participating in the survey accounted for more than 50% of the PCB market in the region.

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