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It Is Worth Paying Attention To Recycle Discarded Circuit Board

Aug 03, 2018

At least 5 million TV sets, 4 million refrigerators and 6 million washing machines in China each year have reached the end of their life; 8 million tons of used electronic products need to be disposed of each year. In addition, with the acceleration of the replacement of electronic products such as computers, mobile phones, VCDs and DVDs, the number of scrapped products will also rise sharply. How to better recycle these waste products called "e-waste" is worthy of attention. Abandoning home appliances contains huge resources. The plastics in used household appliances and the precious metals and non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum contained in them have enormous resource reuse value. China has now entered the peak period of home appliance scrapping, and the entire market scale is as high as 10 billion yuan.


At present, the waste circuit boards on the market are mainly circuit boards such as household appliances and computers. Therefore, it can be divided into several categories for recycling. The electronic components need to be manually disassembled and then disassembled and recycled by the circuit board recycling equipment; without electronic components, they can be directly pulverized and recycled.


At present, the recycling of used circuit boards has become an industry and has far-reaching significance for social development. Recycling used circuit boards can reduce problems such as resource waste and environmental pollution. Physically process equipment and processes for recycling used printed circuit boards, including crushing and dissociation of used printed circuit boards, separation of metals and non-metals by dry and wet sorting techniques.


The study found that when crushed to 1.2 mm, the waste motherboard can be basically dissociated. The crushed product contains about 6% copper, 18% other metals, and 76% non-metal. Copper is mainly distributed in <0.5 mm powder, mainly metal. In the >0.5 mm size range; the high-frequency airflow sorting machine can effectively separate non-metal and metal, and it has a wide range of sorting size, low sorting limit and low operating cost, which is an ideal dry sorting.

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