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Layout Of IoT

Jun 22, 2018

IoT products are making rapid progress, such as wearables, mobile devices, etc.,

After the launch of new generation products, there are next-generation products waiting for design. The designers used to layout on the computer or papers, add the components to the boards, when they designed hybrid signal PCBs, then ask the manufacturers to make prototypes for test. And errors often happened in this process, for some components were not suitable, in the case of replacement, the power layout design process can take several weeks or even several months.


In this regard, John Teegen, Vice President of Dialog Semiconductor and General Manager of the Configurable Mixed Signal Business Unit, believes that in the future, the software platform of “drag-and-drop module” concept should be used for PCB design. This way, no matter how the configuration is modified, corrected and so on, the speed can be improved, and after the test is completed, if it is found that some hardware components need to be modified, it is only necessary to change in the software platform.


In this way, from the very beginning of the design of the PCB to the completion of the final prototype in the concept of “stacking blocks”, it will be expected to be completed in just a few days, in order to significantly accelerate the launch for IoT products. This method can also increase the degree of component integration, allowing designers to streamline circuit design and reduce design costs. In IoT growing market demand, improving the PCB design flexibility, and ensuring a more simplified circuit configuration can improve product productivity, to shorten product time to market, "fast" for IoT products is an important thing, what was out of reach for discrete components design in the past. For designers, meanwhile, the designers might have been tired to previous pattern.


In fact, such a design concept is not only applicable to PCB layout. In order to allow personnel to bring in IoT applications that meet individual and corporate needs in a short period of time, AgilePoint has also mentioned such a conceptual platform so that personnel do not need to learn to code, they can drag and drop the modules and use the graphical interfaces to make applications that are closer to the requirements.

(Source: DIGITIMES Internet of Things)



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